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Worm Castings

Worm Castings - shown in 5 lb bags and 25lb bagSprinkle Vermicompost/Worm Castings around the base of plants or lightly dig it in, and then add water. They can also be sprinkled on a large scale with a spreader.

Castings are worm poop; worms eat a wide range of vegetal matter creating a soil ammendment full of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and other micro-organisms.

Vermicompost is primarily castings along with some organic matter that hasn't gone thru a worm.  Tiny bits of egg shell are probably the most common, providing some nice calcium for the soil.

We locally produce and sell vermicompost. Pure castings are not worth the extra processing to reduce all non-poop.

Comes in 5lb or 25lb bags

You cannot use too much Vermicompost, it cannot damage your plants. It can be mixed with water for a foliar spray.

Local pick up suggested - expensive shipping due to the weight.  Please call to order or for pricing: 303-680-4134


Worm Castings: